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May 2024 Legislative Article:

We were blessed with a very lively presentation from Yarnell Beatty, Senior Vice President and General Counsel with the Tennessee Medical Association at our TMGMA Conference in Franklin this Spring.  One Bill that is near and dear to many of us and our practices is the SB 2328 Bill regarding Recoupment Audits from insurance companies.  Many of us have experienced that audit and an immediate recoupment even before you had a chance to file an appeal.  They were able to look by 18 months and the practice leadership is left helpless.  Due to TMA lobbying efforts this will be altered to help some and to begin in January 2025.

Below are the changes to this Bill as amended.

2024 amendment to TCA 56-7-110, PC 861 (SB 2328):

  1. Reduces the lookback period to 15 months;
  2. Gives you 30 days’ notice of recoup;
  3. Detailed reason for the recoup;
  4. You keep the money until appeals are exhausted;
  5. They can only recoup the difference
  6. Restricts extrapolation use in audits
  7. Does not apply to TennCare

Blessings all
Jon R. Ewing, Legislative Liaison TMGMA

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