Peer to Peer Program

The TMGMA Peer to Peer Program is an informal connecting of medical practice managers in Tennessee in a one on one professional peer to peer relationship.  TMGMA will work to identify practice managers who wish to have a peer to connect with on a regular basis.  TMGMA will provide the communication link between managers and check in from time to time to ensure the relationship is fulfilling the goals of the initiative. Potential participates do not have to be members of TMGMA.

The guidelines are simple and consist of regular calls between participants. Calls can be monthly, bi-monthly, or at a minimum quarterly. Every effort will be made to have one face to face encounter annually.  This can be at a TMGMA conference or any other venue that is convenient. The idea is to establish a collaborative, supportive, educational relationship preferably between managers in similar specialties.

To find our more about the program or to sign up to participate, contact Rebekah Francis


To develop and equip our members to create dynamic, successful medical group practices.


To be the recognized leader in defining and supporting the profession of medical practice management in Tennessee.


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